Flyers’ Gritty helps young fan get a leg up on rare medical condition

Gritty visits young fan

Gritty can do more than just make people laugh.

Sometimes the Flyers’ mascot can make people cry – tears of joy, that is.

Seven-year-old hockey fan Caiden O’Rourke, who was born with a rare orthopaedic condition which resulted in the need for a prosthetic leg, recently received a surprise visit from Gritty at Shiners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.

Caiden, a native of Abington, had received several custom prosthetic legs, many featuring Philadelphia sports logos and icons.

He recently asked for his next prosthetic to be Gritty-themed and the hospital staff immediately knew the muse behind Caiden’s newest prosthetic had to be the one to deliver.

The surprise visit by Gritty came last Tuesday, just a week before Caiden’s eighth birthday, sure to make it a Flyers celebration to remember.

Imagine the look on the youngster’s face when the lovable character arrived with a brand new custom Gritty prosthetic leg.

That’s a memory that will last a lifetime.


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