Gritty sets out to join Flyers in Toronto, Canada; winds up in Toronto, Ohio


With his heart as his map, Flyers’ mascot Gritty embarked on a trip Sunday morning to reunite with his team in Toronto, Canada, as the Flyers prepare to take on the New York Islanders in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Monday night at Scotiabank Arena.

Departing Philadelphia bright and early, all seemed in order for the orange and black-loving mascot, who sent a tweet from his personal account exclaiming that he had “figured it out” and he would “see you soon, Toronto.”

Several hours later, Gritty was photographed arriving at his destination, in front of a sign that read “Toronto: The Gem City.” It would appear that the mascot did not realize he was in fact, in Toronto, Ohio – and moreover, would not realize for several more hours and stops throughout the Gem City.

Upon reflection of the somewhat ill-fated trip, Gritty noted, “some may say I made mistakes, but I’m a better mascot for this. The quest continues. To quote my old friend Bono (lead singer for U2), ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.’”

After making new friends and seeing new sights in the Gem City, the mascot made a few phone calls, has regrouped, and plans to return to Philadelphia to cheer on the team from afar/continue to plot his way into the Toronto (Canada) bubble.

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