10 wacky Christmas gifts to leave your favorite runner breathless

Mary Cain

Back by popular demand after a 10-year hiatus, our list of goofy gifts for the runner who thinks he’s seen everything.

Well, get a load of some of these:

>1. Coffee mug with the inscription: “Runner’s High – Still Legal in All 50 States.’’(CafePress.com). At the rate marijuana legalization is going, this product could be obsolete shortly.

>2. Bumper sticker – “My shoes have more miles than your car!’’ (Zazzle.com). My truck has 590,000 miles, so I’m guessing not.

>3. T-shirt – “Life is short, running makes it seem longer.’’ (RedBubble.com). Probably best worn during your FIRST marathon.

>4. Best-selling book – “How to Make Yourself Poop,’’ by Meghan Kita. (Runnersworld.com). Apparently you haven’t been to my house on Taco Night.

>5. Self-defense – “Sabre Red Police Strength Run Pepper Gel.’’ (eBay.com). Just when that oversized doggie on the canal path decides he’s going to take a bite outta crime, you whip this little baby out and it’s once again clear sailing.

>6. Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament – “Whether you’ve run a 5K, 10K or marathon, commemorate your achievement with this lovely ornament.’’ (Personalizationmall.com). You know, Santa once ran marathons but he’s now opted for sleigh racing instead.

>7. Hat with the inscription – “I Run Like the Wind-ed.’’ (Spreadshirt.com). If you aren’t tired, you ain’t tryin’.

>8. Sweatshirt – “I Like Running and Maybe 3 People.’’ (Etsy.com). There are days when I probably can narrow it down to 2.

>9. T-shirt quilt – “We make your T-shirts into a quilt!’’ (Campusquilt.com). I make my T-shirts into car wash towels.

>10. Shorts – “Thighway to the Danger Zone.’’ (Valhallawear.net). I hear Tom Cruise is coming back as pilot instructor for Top Gun 2. He is a pretty good runner. . .for an actor.

So with only a week to go before Christmas, jump online to secure some products like these just in time to put under the tree.

>BCRR Winter Series off to fine start

The ever-popular Bucks County Roadrunners Club Winter Series got off to a rousing start last Sunday with almost 300 runners taking part in the first of 11 races at the Covered Bridge 5K in Tyler State Park.

This event incorporates some of Tyler’s toughest hills so bravo for all those who took part.

>Setting goals for 2020

Whether it’s chasing down a new PR for a marathon or just looking to improve on the old 5K, now is the time to set goals and put a training schedule in place.

I know people running in the 2020 Boston Marathon who are already starting to do long training runs in preparation for the race which is not until mid-April.

Keeping a training log is a big help. Think big picture, even looking ahead to the fall. It makes it a lot easier when you have a well- thoughtout plan in place.

>Story worth a look

If you get a chance, pick up a copy of the current issue of Sports Illustrated. There’s a good story about elite women runners – and athletes in general — who have had their endorsement contracts reduced after childbirth.

The case of Allyson Felix and her dealings with Nike should open some eyes to the situation. There’s also a follow-up piece by Mary Cain and her falling out with coach Alberto Salazar/Nike.

>Off for the holiday

No column next week. Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday!

>Race calendar


BCRR Winter Series Jingle Bell 5.3-Miler, 9 a.m., Tyler State Park, Newtown. Contact www.bcrrclub.com

Wednesday, Jan. 1

BCRR Winter Series Cham-Pain 5K, 11 a.m., Tyler State Park. Contact www.bcrrclub.com




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