Feel what it’s like inside a real fire truck at Sesame Place Classic

Sesame Place's Cookie Monster will be on hand when (from left) Langhorne-Middletown fire chief Frank Farry and crew members Kurt Geiselhart (battalion chief), Mike Lentine (captain) and Larry Harvey (fire police captain) make their annual appearance with Truck 21 at the Kiwanis-Herald Sesame Place Classic on May 19.

Youngsters love to dream about possible future exciting careers in professions like firemen.

But how often do they get a chance to experience what it’s like to actually sit behind the wheel of a real fire truck?

Well, anyone who takes part in the 21st annual Kiwanis-Herald Sesame Place on Sunday, May 19 will get that very opportunity.

The fine folks at the Langhorne-Middletown Fire Company are once again bringing Truck 21 along with a full crew to the big race.

Besides sitting in the driver’s seat, folks will also get a chance to learn about fire safety, both in the home and the workplace.

Chief Frank Farry and the boys will be on hand to teach you a thing or two about what it takes to prevent dangerous fires.

Who knows? Maybe one of the Sesame characters will show up. . .possibly Cookie Monster, who happened to be sitting in the truck the other day when some pre-race photographs were taken to promote the race.

“The Classic is always a great event, it’s always one of the best in Bucks County and it raises money for a good cause (the Dick Dougherty Scholarship Fund),’’ said Farry.

“For the fire company, it provides us an opportunity to be out in the community, teach a little fire safety, provide some information to the families which are here – and they get a chance to get their picture with their children on the fire truck.’’

It should be noted that there’s more to fire safety at home than just having smoke detectors that work. And you’re never too young to learn about ways to prevent fires from happening.

“Learning about fire safety is an important thing,’’ Farry noted, “because who knows if one of those tips we give that day, some of the information we give out ultimately makes a difference between someone’s house catching on fire or somebody getting hurt or not getting hurt.’’

The Classic’s Start/Finish banner once again will be mounted on Truck 21’s ladder and the whole scene makes for an exciting spectacle.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to show off the truck,’’ Farry said. “Teach people about the equipment and fire safety.’’

Some of the things that Farry’s company encourages are 10-year batteries for all smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home. Carbon monoxide basically is an odorless gas which can be lethal.

Sesame Place’s P.J. Schweizer coordinates the Sesame characters appearances. He’s adding a few exciting “new looks’’ to the race this year and the usual big turnout is expected.

“We’re excited to be hosting the race and whenever someone from the community comes it increases the sense of involvement,’’ Schweizer said.

“Since we’re all about kids and we’re about educating kids, when they see something like a fire truck, it makes them interested in fire safety and what firemen do everyday. I think it makes them more responsible citizens in general.’’

For more information about the event, visit www.sesameplaceclassic5k.com.

>Stay thirsty my friend

It’s never been confirmed if Pheidippides had a couple cold ones after completing his famous 26-mile marathon run to Sparta in ancient Greece but this much we do know: Running and beer have a relationship that goes back a long way.

To that end, running entrepreneur Pat McCloskey recently founded a local chapter of Bucks County Beer Runners and it’s gaining a lot of traction in the area.

Matter of fact, there’s an integral charity component to Beer Runners. Weekly runs often have a charity tie-in. And a Beer Runners Plus Ultra (combined chapters) raised nearly $8,000 for Legacy of Hope during April’s LoveRun Half Marathon and 7K.

In addition, there’s even an award-winning documentary called “BeerRunners,’’ which will be screened at the Newtown Theater this coming Monday.

The screening will benefit Bookin’ for Lookin,’ a local charity organization founded by blind runner Mark McCowan, who happens to be featured in the documentary.

The Bucks County BeerRunners will meet outside the theater at 6:45 p.m. and the Bookin’ for Lookin’ course (in the opposite direction).

These folks run most Monday nights and then enjoy some socializing.

For more information, visit buckscountybeerrunners.com or the BCBR Facebook page.

Race calendar


Central Bucks South Color 5K, 9 a.m., Warrington. Contact www.runsignup.com

Sunday, May 19

21st annual Kiwanis-Herald Sesame Place Classic 5K, 1-mile, kids’ sprint, 7 a.m., Middletown. Contact www.sesameplaceclassic5k.com





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