With Eagles’ win, Flyers get first-hand glimpse of what a championship looks like

Jordan Weal enjoyed watching fans react to Super Bowl win

VOORHEES, N.J. — Aside from watching and appreciating the bedlam on the streets of Philadelphia on Sunday night, the biggest thing the Flyers took away from their Super Bowl party was the city’s overall reaction to a championship sports team.
At least the Flyers now know what it looks like and something for which to strive.
“It was pretty wild,’’ a smiling Jordan Weal said. “It was really cool. You can see how the city reacts. You want to be a part of something like that.
“As another team in the city, if we play like we know we can, continue to win games down the stretch here, get in the playoffs, we know we have the capability to do something special.
“When you put your head down and work a lot, good things happen.’’
The scene on the streets was crazy. And Weal and his teammates were right in the middle of it all, trying to drive their cars home after watching the game at the downtown Vesper Club.
How chaotic was it?
“I was trying to get out of there in my car, I got to the parking garage and was about to pull out,’’ Weal recalled. “Sansom Street was just mayhem for 30 minutes. Eventually we were able to sneak out and get of there.
“People were crowding around the car and giving high-fives. It was a pretty cool experience.’’
Shayne Gostisbehere echoed what Weal said about drawing inspiration from the experience.
“It was pretty awesome taking in the atmosphere,’’ Gostisbehere said. “Just to see everybody celebrating out there. Obviously the thoughts go through your head, ‘What if it were us?’
“It’s great for the city and the city deserves it, the first (Eagles) title. We want to emulate what happened and keep the party going.’’
The energy level at practice seemed a little extra high.
“It definitely fires you up,’’ he said. “To see everyone going nuts like that, it’s pretty cool to see.’’
Scott Laughton said watching the events unfold makes other athletes appreciate what winning is all about.
“It was a pretty special night last night,’’ he said. “It’s really cool to see how electric the city was. How crazy it was.
“I thought it was really something for Nick Foles to come in and prove the doubters wrong.’’
Added Taylor Leier, “We want to follow suit to what the Eagles have done.’’
Goaltender Brian Elliott played it smart. He watched the first half at the Vesper Club, then headed home to watch the second half before the craziness began.
“It (the win) definitely creates a little bit of buzz and makes you think how cool it would be to do the same,’’ Elliott said.
Brian actually has a friendship with Eagles kicker Jake Elliott. The two met at an Eagles game earlier in the season and later swapped jerseys because of the common last name.
“He’s kicking in college and high school not too long ago,’’ Brian said. “Then you are on the biggest stage in the world. Just knowing him a little bit, we did some texts, it’s pretty cool.
“He’s just that calm kind of presence. He got it done. All I texted him last night was ‘Money!’+”
Coach Dave Hakstol also marveled at the city’s reaction to the victory.
The Flyers recently had Eagles coach Doug Pederson over as a guest and so there was sort of a personal relationship to the Birds’ win.
“That is something that we have to work for,’’ Hakstol said. “It was really exciting to see the reaction of the town. Just great for the city.’’
Hakstol liked the aggressive approach Pederson took to the game.
“It stuck to his personality that he has all year long,’’ Hakstol said. “That’s what stood out for me.’’

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