Hathaway looks forward to improving Flyers

Garnet Hathaway

     Garnett Hathaway knows what it’s like to play on a contending team.

     The question now is whether or not the Flyers are contenders. Hathaway, who most recently has played for Washington and Boston, knows what it’s like to play for a team that’s perennially in the hunt.

     Whether the Flyers can be legitimate contenders remains to be seen.

     But Hathaway will do what he can to make that so.

     “There are really a lot of reasons why I look at the Flyers organization as a desirable destination,” Hathaway said. “There are a lot of reasons  why I look at it:  it’s an organization that wants to improve.

     They are a lot more competitive and that’s exciting. They are willing to put in the work”.

     Hathaway has played for a Stanley Cup winner in Washington and knows what it takes.

     He believes the Flyers are a contending team. “The organization as a whole has been really tough to play against,” Hathaway said. “They want to get back to a position where they are tough to play against.”

     “Free agency was a little different then it was four years ago when I was in it. When I had the opportunity to play in Philadelphia, it was exciting”.

      At 31, Hathaway is considered a veteran hand on a somewhat young team. “ I have been very fortunate to play with a lot of great players”. Hathaway said “now that  I am on the other side of the fence, I am excited to take that next step and do wha tit takes to pull together a group to get where they want to be.”

     “ Playing with Sean Couturier should be fun, he said.” Its a lot better to be on the same side after battling these guys after so many years.”

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