We have questions, Flyers have the answers

Scott Laughton

VOORHEES, N.J. – On Flyers getaway day, there are plenty of questions and lots of answers.

In fact, there are about seven verbal hours worth!

So, for the sake of brevity, we’ve chosen some select quotes of interest from prominent players who answered media questions on Friday.

Ready? Here goes:

**Q:** JAMES VAN RIEMSDYK, since you’re leaving the Flyers, what’s a favorite memory from your time here?

**JVR:** “You look at the (Stanley) Cup run (2010) that was a pretty special time We were so close. I remember the summer training then – Jeff Carter would take me out to dinner all the time and to baseball games.”

**Q:** SCOTT LAUGHTON, what young players stood out for you and made a lot of progress?

**SL:** “I think ‘Tipper’ (Owen Tippett) took a massive step, was dominant for a lot of games. ‘Frosty’ (Morgan Frost) almost scored 20 goals (19) and took a big step. ‘Catesy’ (Noah Cates) played against top guys and did a hell of a job.”

**Q:** TRAVIS KONECNY, what does it mean to finally clear the 30-goal mark?

**TK:** “It was definitely something I’d been aiming at getting at some point. I’d been close in the past. Every summer ever since I had hit the 24-goal mark, so that (30) was a goal going into the season. Unfortunately, how we ended isn’t the goal but to hit that was nice.”

**Q:** IVAN PROVOROV, coach John Tortorella said he respects your game but that you guys have butted heads a little bit in the season. Where does the relationship stand?

**IP:** “I’m still the player and he’s still the coach. Obviously there are things you are not going to agree upon. But if both people put an effort to come to a solution, I think you can and that’s how our year kind of went. We’re going to keep getting on the same page.”

**Q:** OWEN TIPPETT, you scored 27 goals and really improved your two-way game. What do you think your confidence level will be going into next season?

**OT:** For me, this year was a big stepping stone. And just kind of realizing what kind of player I needed to be to have success. I think I was able to find that and obviously with that comes confidence.”

**Q:** CARTER HART, obviously the season didn’t end the way you wanted it to but how much solace can you take from the resilience shown by the players and how hard it was to play against this team?

**CH:** “I thought for most nights this year we competed. We were in a lot of games. I thought our group was very resilient and just competed night in and night out, even though we were out of the race.”

**Q:** TANNER LACZYNSKI, it was a challenging year for you. You were out an extended period of time due to injury, you became a first-time dad and you were in and out of the lineup. How difficult was it?

**TL:** “Obviously it was a bad year for me. But I have another opportunity (the final year of his contract) here. I have an entire summer to prepare and train again. That’s my motivation.”

**Q:** CAM YORK, you were sent down to the Phantoms at the start of the season but you worked your way back. How important was it to make Lehigh Valley a positive, learning experience?

**CY:** “I wanted to make the team out of camp, wasn’t able to do that. It wasn’t the end of the world. I wanted to go down with a chip on my shoulder and I felt like I did. Probably the best case scenario to get called up when I did. Playing down there in all situations, it helps your confidence.”

**Q:** NOAH CATES, you didn’t have a position or even a spot on the roster in training camp. How did you get things straightened out so quickly?

**NC:** “Gaining experience was my goal coming out of training camp. You don’t know where you’re going to be at in the beginning. There was definitely a lot to learn. But wherever I was playing against or slotted, I’m confident that I know what I can do.”

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