Gray, Thompson capture BCRR Winter Series titles

Jamie Gray

While the Bucks County Roadrunners Club’s Winter Series Awards Dinner couldn’t go off as planned on March 14, at least the competition in the 12-race slate was able to finish before the pandemic hit.

The results are in and Jamie Gray took the men’s title for the second straight year.

On the women’s side, Allyson Thompson dominated the field to secure the crown.

Overall, it was a successful year for BCRR’s signature event. The lack of snow made for some good running conditions and big turnouts.

Race director John O’Brien and his staff didn’t hesitate to call off the post-series banquet.

“After a really great Winter Series, things took a turn for the strange,’’ O’Brien said. “We were hoping to be able to have a celebration but it looks like that will not be happening.’’

O’Brien thanked BCRR members Phil Miele and Bill Schaffling for mailing or delivering awards to all the series age-group recipients.

“And thanks to all the season-long volunteers as well as all the race directors,’’ O’Brien added. “We could not have done this without your efforts.’’

Here are the men’s results:

Overall: Jamie Gray.

>Age groups

13 and under: 1. Braylen Clayton; 2. Sebastian Marquez-Ferber; 3. Matthew Pantalone.

14-19: 1. Dennis Hancock; 2. Josh Gross; 3. T.J. Gouge.

20-24: 1. Nick Accardo; 2. Billy Rigefsky.

25-29: 1. Matthew Brown; 2. Bryan Obarowski; 3. Gregory Hood.

30-34: 1. Andrew Potocek; 2. Sam Cler; 3. Jason Devine.

35-39: 1. Joe Holton; 2. Ethan Frank; 3. (tie) Tim Bulat, John West.

40-44: 1. Michael Karl; 2. Greg Hunter; 3. Patrick Smith.

45-49: 1. Roland Pott; 2. Vitaly Belotserkovsky; 3. (tie) Lawren Smithline, Kevin McKale.

50-54: 1. Peter Lederer; 2. Patrick Donado; 3. Paul Lancaster.

55-59: 1. Joe Haughey; 2. Bruce Lewis; 3. Joe Boyce.

60-64: 1. Bob Boland; 2. Richard Harrington; 3. Peter Carideo.

65-69: 1. Phil Davies; 2. Gary Corbi; 3. Bill Schaffling.

70-74: 1. Robert Esterly; 2. Ed Hawkey; 3. George Ashmore.

Here are the women’s results:

Overall: Allyson Thompson.

>Age groups

13 and under: 1. Veronica Tonelli; 2. Maddie McCleskey.

14-19: 1. Emily Peifer; 2. (tie) Cate Quinn, Holly Pantalone.

20-24: 1. Maura Koehler; 2. Colleen Lawlor.

25-29: 1. Kayley Heller; 2. Olivia Martino; 3. Elizabeth Montalvo.   30-34: 1. Cristin Mustillo; 2. Ariel Braverman; 3. Stacey Myslinski.

35-39: 1. Theresa Velykis; 2. Maureen Costello; 3. Jacquelyn Darrah.

40-44: 1. Gwen Kranzlestia; 2. Julie Whittemore; 3. Melissa Merriman.

45-49: 1. Amy Bignault; 2. Anne Beth Huy; 3. Chrissy Shadle.

50-54: 1. Christine Lloyd; 2. Jennifer Lawlor; 3. Lisa Kuliczkowski.

55-59: 1. Gert Freas; 2. Hilary Goodman; 3. Vicki Ziesel-Frick.

60-64: 1. Valerie Maugle; 2. Jo Muniz; 3. Lynn Lubbe.

65-69: 1. Sharon Schanbacker; 2. Emily Grace.

Congratulations to all on a competition well done.


>Racing’s return remains uncertain


Good article in the latest issue of Runner’s World Magazine which explores when and how road racing will make its return.

One startling development: The Berlin Marathon, scheduled for Sept. 27, already has been canceled. And this race is in a country, Germany, where testing and social distancing have kept the pandemic somewhat at bay compared to other European nations.

The RW piece suggests racing, like the economy, etc., will return gradually, with smaller races in less-populated areas first in line.

As for mega-events like the Boston and New York City marathons, it pretty much depends on national, state and local officials (along with health experts) and how they see if the COVID-19 situation has been harnessed under control.

Let’s put it this way: A race of, say, 150 in Langhorne or Yardley or Bensalem is a lot easier in which to practice healthy spacing than cramming 50,000 runners onto a long, narrow street in Brooklyn.

Perhaps the best advice is to remain patient and stay healthy. In the (pardon the pun) long run, everyone will be better equipped to handle the challenge of racing at all distances when the green light eventually does go on.





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